Your support will help us to raise awareness in young people.



For every young person we get the message out to, there’s another young person that we don’t reach. Your support means we can reach as many people as possible.

We’re very careful to make sure every pound you give goes towards making sure every young person knows their body and understands what to look out for, but also when not to be worried. We’re expert blaggers and get everything we can for free, making sure your donation goes as far as possible.

We'll never cold call you or turn up at your house asking for donations, we don't believe in pressuring people into giving. If you’d like to stand with us there are a number of ways you can give:

  • Monthly donation – Regular donations help us plan ahead, and be most effective in what we do. Giving £20 a month means over a year you cover the cost of reaching around 500 people with our events!
  • One off donation – By giving even a small amount, you can help us on the way towards making sure no young person receives a late diagnosis because they didn’t know what to look out for!
    • Even just £5 or £10 makes a difference, every little helps!
      £25 covers the cost of 500 of our pretty incredible beer mats, giving you all the lowdown on testicular, breast or skin cancers
    • £50 is often the cost of just one university event which could reach up to 200 people – we told you we could do things on the cheap.
    • £100 covers the cost of a workshop with a group of young people