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Here at the CATS campaign we’re all about making sure young people know the common signs and symptoms of cancer. We encourage people to be familiar with their bodies, and to keep an eye out for any signs that could indicate something is wrong, and we encourage anyone who notices these signs to go and see their GP and share their concerns.
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- 1 day ago

WE NOW HAVE A CATS HQ! 🙌🏼🐱 We can even tell the time from our window...and we think it’s time to check yourself! ⏰…
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- 4 days ago

Here are some of our @CATS_Cambridge team...🐱 One of our many fantastic sites helping to raise awareness of the si…
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- 15 days ago

Yo, we'll tell you want we want what we really really want...💅 A GRAPHIC DESIGNER! (and a Spice Girls reunion) 💌…
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The CATS campaign runs through universities to make sure every student and young person knows what symptoms to look out for when it comes to cancer. If you want to know more about how we work, or where we're based then just click the links above. We'd love to have you involved!